Blind-Spot Monitoring Could Prevent Some Collisions

Lane-drifting can be extremely dangerous. If your car doesn't stay in its lane, it can crash into another vehicle or even a pedestrian. A blind-spot monitor could reduce such instances, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The IIHS performed a study that concluded blind-spot monitoring could have prevented 85,000 crashes. Unfortunately, not every car comes with blind-spot monitoring. Worse, many drivers shut off the system because they find it annoying. These systems provide indicators to help drivers avoid mishaps, so they shouldn't be so easily dismissed. Lane-departure warning and blind-spot monitoring are optional add-ons on 57% of available new models. Safety-conscious drivers may find paying extra for the technology to be worth it. Hopefully, in time, both safety tech systems will be standard in all vehicles. At present, the auto manufacturing world isn't there yet.

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