Get Better Performance and Wear on Your Winter and Summer Tires

Some people think that switching between winter and summer tires is a hassle, and so you might wonder if it's actually worth it to put the winter ones on in the late fall. At Kempthorn Mercedes-Benz in Canton, OH, we want you to get the longest wear and best performance out of your tires, so we want to tell you more about the differences between the two types.

Winter tires are more flexible to grip the road more easily in cold and wet conditions. This is actually less than advantageous during the summer because the flexibility also makes it less maneuverable when you want to change directions or stop quickly.

Also, because the rubber is more flexible, it can wear away more quickly on dry pavement. This can lead to a need for replacement more quickly. On the other hand, summer tires are built with less tire tread depth, and they're made with a harder rubber that's better in dry and warm conditions.


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