Monitor Your Vehicle With a Dash Cam

If you let someone borrow your car, you might want to know what that person does in your vehicle and where that person goes. A dash cam can record what takes place when someone else drives your vehicle at any time. This is beneficial if you suspect that someone might be going somewhere they aren't supposed to be going to or visiting someone they aren't supposed to see.

Passengers might feel a bit better about being in a vehicle with a dash cam because they'll know that actions on the road are recorded. It offers a bit of protection in the event that there's an accident while they are riding with you.

Another reason you might consider getting a camera installed by Kempthorn Mercedes-Benz is so that you can monitor the actions of law enforcement if you're stopped on the road. The way that they handle the situation can be recorded and shown to a superior or an attorney if there are any concerns.



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