Reducing Motion Sickness

Whether it's in a car, on a boat, or on an amusement ride, motion sickness can happen at any time. Your brain doesn't always receive the same signals that are received by the muscles in your body, resulting in feeling sick while you're in motion. You can clearly see that you're moving, but your brain doesn't register this fact. One way to combat this feeling is to try to sleep as much as you can while traveling or get behind the wheel of the car.

A fun way to deal with motion sickness is to look at objects that are far away from the vehicle. You can sometimes spot interesting objects that you would otherwise miss by using this tip, especially if you're on a boat or another form of transportation.

You also want to keep your head as still as possible while you're moving. Kempthorn Mercedes-Benz can ensure that the neck rests of your vehicle are intact and comfortable so that you have somewhere to rest your head while riding.



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