Why Slow Down and Move Over Laws are so Important

There is a good chance that many drivers out there will unintentionally disregard a very serious traffic law without even realizing the law exists. Almost every state has implemented a 'Slow Down & Move Over' law that is intended to protect emergency and other roadside workers during their line of duty.

According to estimates from the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, over 200 roadside workers will lose their lives each year. This includes roadside crews repairing road surfaces or signs, municipal workers as well as police officers at a vehicle crash site or during a traffic stop. A survey conducted by the National Safety Commission shows that over 71% of drivers in North America are unaware that their state has implemented these slow down and move over laws.

To break them down simply, when you see an emergency service or other roadside worker in the act of doing their jobs, slow down and move to a lane further from the roadside they are on. Everyone here at Kempthorn Motors wants to help spread awareness of these important laws.

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