Choose Customized Motor Oil for Your Engine

The truth is most engines are different, even if they are the same car model, as long as they have been on the road. Being able to use customized motor oil is one of the best ways to ensure your engine gets the best lubrication regardless of different weather conditions.

Taking into consideration the different needs of your car and how it was manufactured helps a lot when developing customized motor oils. However, it is important to ensure that these oils passed the energy conserving test as well as other API standards as required by law. More importantly, the motor oil should feature the best viscosity for your car for both low and high temperatures.

Talk to our Mercedes-Benz service technicians about how to find customized motor oils for your car. We will not only help you identify different alternatives to typical motor oils but also advise you on any maintenance and repair options needed for your car when you visit our spot.

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