Reasons to Buy Auto Parts From the Dealership

Sometimes people base a belief on a false premise, making their belief false because the foundation is false. Such an example comes out of the debate of whether or not dealership parts are too expensive, leaving many people with the incorrect notion that it is better to get parts from a discount auto store to save money.

Brand name dealerships and manufacturers spend a great deal of time and money to train their technicians to work on their brand and nothing else. It would be safe to say that the brand name technical is the best in the world at what he does.

If the second-hand parts were the best that could be used for replacement, then the brand technician would use that discounted part. However, just the opposite is true because the factory-authorized part from the OEM is better and lasts longer.

Factory authorized parts are the same as the original, thus it must be used to substantiate the warranty as well. Visit the Mercedes-Benz parts department at Kempthorn Motors in Canton, OH the next time you need a part for service or an upgrade.

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