Why Servicing at Kempthorn Motors is Beneficial to You

Most car owners usually experience the dilemma of where to take their cars for service. Some may opt for a one-time mechanic, while some prefer developing a relationship with a dealership. At Kempthorn Motors, we are all about creating, and maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients.

One of the benefits of servicing your car at our dealership is that we have specialists in different areas. Whether you need a simple repair, or replacement of car parts, our team of technicians has got you covered.

Another benefit of servicing your car at our Canton, OH service center is that we have warranties for some of the products we stock. Above all, we source car parts from trusted manufacturers. Our customers can take advantage of discounts on genuine products.

Servicing at our dealership is also affordable. We take our time to ensure customer satisfaction on every job we do. Contact our team to schedule your next servicing at 1449 Cleveland Avenue NW.

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