What to do if Your Indicator Light Comes on

Have you recently be led to wonder what you need to do if your light indicator light comes on? The best way to start is by not ignoring it. That is the worst thing that you can do. You have indicator lights installed within your vehicle for a reason, and our team at Kempthorn Motors is here to ensure that they can be turned off as quickly as they activate.

Your indicator lights will let you know that something is wrong before it has the chance to get worse. If you didn't have indicator lights inside of your vehicle, then issues would go unnoticed for too long. That also means that you would get stuck with a broken-down car or a costly repair. If any of your indicator lights come on be sure to bring your vehicle to us here in Canton, OH to get it checked out by our trained technicians.

Some of the indicator lights that you may come across may include your oil change reminder light, your check engine light, your oil pressure warning light, and your tire pressure monitoring lights, to name a few. If you’re looking to learn more, be sure to stop in and solve the issues that activated your indicator lights at 1449 Cleveland Avenue NW!

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