Keep up with routine fluid service for a healthy vehicle

Your vehicle requires more than just topping off the fluids to make the car run smoothly. If the fluid levels are incorrect or need to be changed, the vehicle can run poorly. If you need assistance, you can always schedule an appointment with us at Kempthorn Motors.

Service changes for fluid will help to make sure the vehicle is running as smoothly as possible. The fluid levels for the transmission will allow the transmission to shift smoothly. If there is a sign of hesitation, the fluid in your transmission might need to be changed.

If the motor sounds funny to you, the oil could need to be changed and serviced. If the oil goes over a certain period of time without changing the oil, you can risk blowing the motor. It is very important that you keep to fluid service schedules to keep your car running as good as the day you drove it home from the dealership. Make an appointment with us today

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