Use Sand to Get Unstuck This Winter

If you own a car and reside in the Canton, Ohio area, you should always have some essential items in it at all times. Here at Kempthorn Motors, we recommend that you always have an emergency kit and a first aid kit in your vehicle. When you are driving in the winter, you should also have a bag of cat litter, sand, or salt in your vehicle as well.

If you get stuck in the snow and can't get out, all you need to do is sprinkle some sand, litter, or salt down around your tires and you should be able to get enough traction to get out. Sand is a great choice because it won't get messy like clay cat litter and it won't rust your vehicle like salt will. It is also fairly cheap to buy.

We want to remind you from all of us here at Kempthorn Motors to travel well-prepared this holiday season and to be ready for the winter season. Come see us if you need extra winter driving tips!

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